Travel Kids Club

 "Give Your Child the Confidence
to Change the World"

Travel Kids Club - Compassion for Kids

How do you create socially conscious kids? 

Travel Kids Club Membership

At Travel Kids Club we introduce your kids to people, animals and situations that they may never face in their lifetime.

Members also get to make choices that create positive change. €1 or $1.3 from every child goes to the charities they choose, every month.

Every month, an exciting delivery, packed full of activities...

Charity: Travel Kids Club Packages

Your kids will look forward to their monthly mail!
Give them the chance to explore the world, one country at a time.

Give your important young ones:


History, Geography, New Animals, Science, Languages, and International Perspectives. Teachers are thrilled that we "cover so many important bases".


Poverty, Animal & Environmental Conservation. We send stories and activities that inspire compassion, empathy and a chance to take collective action.


How often do you get really exciting mail? Every month we send art & craft, word challenges, competitions for great prizes, posters, stickers and more!

Give Your Child Access to the Club

Your kids will love the personalised mail and vicarious travel!

Right now we are redesigning the Travel Kids Club Packs
and hope to re-launch later in 2017 -
Please sign up to find the latest news and updates!

Introducing Serena & Johnny...

Serena and Johnny - Travel Kids Club

We collect stories of the most inspiring people and projects in the world.

We visit, volunteer and film work that benefits people, animals or the environment. We are real people sharing real experiences from each country.

Our goals with Travel Kids Club are:

    1. Help children experience that their choices are important, and that they can create positive change.
    2. Support important charitable projects that are making a difference.

"Let's create a generation of socially conscious and compassionate kids who appreciate
how important they are in shaping how we live."

"Travel Kids Club is awesome. Our three kids (12, 10, 7 years) love it...

each month, they get a really interesting overview of a new country, with information that's both fun and educational. They all loved reading it! It's started some very good conversations about how people in other countries live, and how lucky we are in Australia."

- Glenn Murray (Father)

"Entertaining, engaging, thought provoking and age appropriate...

the kids really enjoyed the package, they learned a lot and it gave them lots of food for thought without being heavy.

Also it fitted in perfectly with the (geography/history/social studies) projects we are currently working on where they choose a country and research geographical and historical features as well as what children’s lives are like, and it was a good mix of Yuck, Aww and Hmmm!"

- Eimear Marnell (Teacher)
Robert Fox

"I want my kids to think about what is going on in the world...

the Travel Kids Club educates them about different cultures and their way of life, while also making them aware of social and economic differences worldwide."

- Robert Fox (Father)
Anne Button Smith

"Travel Kids Club is an exciting 'new kid on the block' with the potential to ignite children's curiosity about the world and assist in the development of their creativity... 

This is an innovative way to encourage creative thinking, and new ways to problem solve.

​I see the Travel Kids Club helping children to develop a positive attitude toward cultural difference, which in many parts of the world are desperately needed. Also to create and engage in positive dialogue among groups and nations."

- Anne Button-Smith M.Ed., B.Sp.Ed., B.Teaching (Primary)

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